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How to integrate GitHub login in your app

Integrating GitHub sign in to your web app lets consumers sign in to your app using their existing GitHub account. Azure Active Directory B2C supports external identity providers such as Facebook, Twitter, GitHub. In this post, I will show you how to add GitHub Login to your web app using this feature of Azure AD B2C.

Add external identity provider to your apps with AD B2C

Imagine a website offers you two options to create an account - Sign up with your Google account or create a new account by specifying your email ID and choose a new password. It won’t be a surprise to choose the first option as you don’t have to apply all your creativity to generate and remember a fancy new password. Reusing an existing Google also makes you less worried about your password appearing in some data breaches.

Do you want to offer this experience to your users? Do you want to let them sign up / sign in to your app with their existing social account? Read on to know how you can leverage Azure AD B2C to add this to your site.

Protect Web API with Azure AD B2C authorization

Protecting your APIs from unauthorized access is important. Azure AD B2C helps you to validate the user or app accessing the API and allows access to the API only with authorized token obtained fromt AD B2C. Welcome to part 4 of a series covering Azure AD B2C features. In this post, I show how to protect your backend Web API with a valid access token obtained from AD B2C.