Home Automation At Your Lips Powered By IBM Watson Speech to Text

This is a proof of concept and demo for home automation via voice control using IBM Watson Speech to Text service. It also uses PubNub, which is a real time data streaming network to pass messages.

Integration of voice control in smart devices is buzzing, and adoption continues to grow. Voice control provides a more natural way of interacting with connected apps and devices ranging from news feeds, traffic information to acting as personal assistants in the home. These intelligent devices respond to commands spoken in our own voice and act immediately.

Build a Talking Dictionary with Alexa

In this blog post, I present a tutorial to build a voice activated Oxford dictionary using Amazon Alexa. You can talk to the dictionary and ask for definitions, example usage, synonyms or antonyms of any English word present in the Oxford dictionary. After reading this post, you should be able to build yourself and enjoy this voice controlled dictionary or even give it as a gift to your kids!

Tick Tick – ARM Cortex-M SysTick timer

Let’s explore a simple use of the SysTick timer provided in ARM Cortex-M devices. Though the primary intention of the SysTick timer is to be used as a periodic interrupt to invoke kernel in an operating system, it can also be used as a simple peripheral timer. This post also introduces you to exception handling mechanism of ARM Cortex-M core.