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Who am I?

I am a curious and passionate learner. Having navigated various domains and job profiles in my career, I have enjoyed learning something new at every stage and the learning never stops. With a well rounded skill set, I am flexible and confident enough to take on any new challenge, learn and succeed together with everyone.

What do I do?

For the past few years, I have been working with Azure Cloud and .NET technologies; primarily working on Web applications, APIs, Microservices and Windows applications. Working in a small development team, I get a chance to wear many hats right - Solution architect, Cloud Engineer, Programmer, DevOps Engineer, Mentor and so on.

I recenty passed the Microsoft Azure fundamentals exam AZ-900 and I am looking forward to go for AZ-204 now.

This blog IoTality is one medium I use to share the stuff I learn.

Here are some other ways I try to share and help others apart from my regular full-time work.

Meetup talks

Getting Started with Azure AD B2C at Azure User group Sweden

Introduction to Azure AD B2C at Leeds Sharp Lightning Talks

Introduction to Azure AD B2C at Milton Keynes user group (Not recorded)

Mentoring, Training

I mentored a student at Serverless camp arranged by Bit Project. My mentee Grace Wilcox developed a great project utilizing Azure serverless functions, external APIs and simple web page. You can find the project details here.

I also worked as trainer in a few IoT training workshops arranged by local meetup groups to train college students and industry professionals in basics of Iot using Raspberry Pi. (Links not available)

Technical writing, PoC development

Here are the links for some other work I have done in the past such as developing proofs of concept and writing paid / free blog posts including ghost writing. All these posts are also on this IoTality blog under AI and IoT categories.

Building a Trends and Patterns App with Watson Discovery. Original post here

Home automation using IBM Watson. Original post here

Making bots talk with Watson and PubNub. Original post here

Automate your Lego home. This fun project got published here and here as well.


Prior to getting into this field of web and cloud, I was designing and developing microcontroller based embedded systems working on all aspects like designing the system, prototyping and programming with C or assembly language. If you like, have a look at some of my blog posts in Embedded category.

How to reach me?

I am always open for a chat or helping you in anyway I can or just to say a Hi. You can find me on Twitter, LinkedIn, Polywork and on this beautifully designed Peerlist!.

If you liked any of the posts, please share them with your network. I look forward to connecting with you!