About IoTality


Thanks for stopping by my blog. I love learning new technologies and sharing my knowledge with others. IoTality blog is one way I try to share and document my learnings. I hope you find something useful here.

I am Gopal. I have spent several years in developing end to end products in various technological areas.These days I am working on Windows and Web applications using .Net stack (C#, ASP.Net Core, WPF etc.) and Azure cloud. I am learning , Microservices, Docker and Kubernetes as well.

Earlier, I have used various other stacks such as C, Delphi, VB, C++ and Python. I have worked on Microcontrollers programming, Embedded systems design and development and spent initial few years of my career in Electronics engineering! It is an exciting journey as I have got exposure to a variety of domains and technologies.

IoTality is one way to share back the knowledge I have gained and also to keep learning. Thanks again and say hello to me on Twitter!